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At Truekrav we want to expose as many like-minded individuals as possible to what we have to offer. Unfortunately, it is not possible for everyone to train directly at Truekrav in Cape Town. To overcome this challenge we are setting up Official Truekrav Schools and Training Centers in other locations.

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Official Truekrav Schools

These are facilities where Truekrav is directly responsible for the curriculum and programming of the school. An Official Truekrav School is owned by a certified Truekrav instructor and can offer the same training we do at Truekrav in Cape Town. These locations form an integral part of Truekrav and offer the full Truekrav curriculum. Every instructor of an Official Truekrav School has to pass a skill test, an instruction test and a physical test once a year to maintain their school’s official status.

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Official Training Centers

These are facilities that operate independently. For example, a boxing gym that offers self-defence classes. Individuals who operate an Official Training Center have trained with Truekrav and provide a limited Truekrav curriculum. However, Truekrav is not responsible for the programming or running of the facility. Official Training Centers may be operated by a Truekrav instructor or someone in the process of becoming an instructor. They provide an opportunity for others to learn what they have learnt so far. In cases where Truekrav instructors operate an Official Training Center, the curriculum may be limited but is in no way sub-standard training.

List of official Truekrav Schools and Training Centers


  • TruekravCape Town, South Africa

Official Truekrav Schools

  • Truekrav Chivasso (Italy HQ) Gabriel Giordano
  • Truekrav Sydney (Australia HQ) William Jiraiya
  • Truekrav Deep South (Noordhoek, Cape Town) Frank Macbeath

Official Training Centers

  • Rawsonville Western Cape Zirki Du Toit
  • TrueKrav Gorizia Gorizia, Italy | Fabrizio Zotti
  • Truekrav San Dona Di Piave San Dona di Piave , Italy | Vincenzo Calizzi