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Truekrav instructors

We believe that quality instruction is non-negotiable. Every instructor at Truekrav has completed a minimum of one year’s training before starting their instructor training. Instructor training is a four-month process, during which time the potential instructor will be taught how to provide quality instruction. He/she will begin by assisting during group classes, helping beginners learn the basics and teaching small groups under supervision. After four months, the potential instructor will undergo official instructor testing. This consists of a skill test under pressure, an instruction evaluation and finally a physical test. Only after successfully completing all of the above will the individual qualify as a fully certified Truekrav instructor. Each Truekrav instructor undergoes annual performance appraisals under strict penalty of instructor status revocation.

Current Fully Certified Truekrav Instructors

Etienne Ferreira

Founder – Cape Town, South Africa

Bradlee Wilson

Cape Town, South Africa

Dylan Hoffman

Cape Town, South Africa

Regardt Hogan

Cape Town, South Africa

Johannes Coetzee

Cape Town, South Africa

Joseph Ou

Cape Town, South Africa

Frank MacBeath

Cape Town, South Africa

Sunette Klopper

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Zirki Du Toit

Worcester, South Africa

Gabriel Giordano

Chivasso, Italy

William Jiraiya


AJ Surian

Long Island, NY


San Dona di Piave

Christo Kellerman

Durbanville, Cape Town