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So, how do I start?

Mail us and book your free trial session. This trial session can be done any time on our available class schedule ( Mon, Tues , Wed, Thurs, Sat ) After this trial session you will receive a mail from us thanking you for attending as well as confirming if you will be starting training. Once you have confirmed that you will be starting , by emailing your signed contract form, you will be cleared to start straight away. Note: You can start at any time during the month and pro-rata rates will apply for your first month if you start later than the beginning of the month.

What are your class times?

Class times are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:30pm and 6:30pm, Friday 5pm, Saturday 8am

What is the level of fitness needed to start training?

There is no particular fitness level in order for you to start. You will get fit as a result of the training.

What memberships do you offer and what is the cost of training?

We only offer a standard membership for our scheduled group classes and private memberships for one on one private training. The cost is as follow: R850 per month for group classes, R350 per session for private training.

Do you offer student discounts?


How long must I train for me to become effective?

This is entirely up to your ability and up to the effort that you put into training but we recommend a minimum of 6 months training.

Do you train kids and what is the age requirements?

The minimum age for men is 17 and the minimum age for woman is 14. Exceptions can be made around this age limit if we feel that it’s warranted but we do not train kids. I know that kids of the ages 4-13 do have a need for self-defence but the mentality needed to survive a real situation will have to be the same as the mentality we teach adults and I do not feel comfortable doing that.

Do you have woman members?

Currently around 30% of our members are woman and they are doing extremely well in our class setup. Men and woman train together and there is, as far as possible, no different treatment for men and woman in the classes

Where are you situated?

What clothing should I wear for training?

Training can be done in any training clothing and shoes that you are comfortable in. Classes are intense and very physical so a water bottle and sweat towel is essential.

Do you sell DVD’s of your training?

No we don’t and never will.

Do you have shower facilities

Yes we do

I am thinking of sending my wife/ girlfriend for classes, she needs to learn to defend herself.

Sure send her, she is welcome and hopefully she will be able to defend you as well.

How can I get training from you when I live in a different town,province, country?

You can book us for a workshop or a seminar.