Technique is not everything

My job is to train individuals to survive a serious attack, not to teach them perfect Krav Maga technique. For a start, there’s no such thing as ‘perfect technique’. More importantly, focusing on technique rather than doing everything it takes to survive goes against all our principles. The business of survival You’ll often hear me saying that Krav Maga training schools are for people who are too lazy to train properly, and that the bulk of schools out there are ineffective. How can I say that, when Krav Maga is my business? It’s not. My business is to train you to be effective in combat. Therein lies the difference. I travel extensi

Why self-defence weapons are a fallacy

I often get emails from people asking me about self-defence weapons. These mails are usually about getting a gun or buying the ‘correct’ pepper spray, taser or baton. (Occasionally I also receive a mail from some fool asking me which paintball gun he can buy for self defence, but those get no reply). My answer to these questions is that none of the above will work for self-defence, to which I usually get a reply of utter disbelief. So let me explain… Too close for comfort If you want to buy a weapon for self-defence then that weapon needs to be effective in close range, easily accessible and able to cover you in any attack situat

Train for harsh reality

A lot of people coming for trial sessions at Truekrav are shocked at the pressure we put members under during classes. It’s true. They are under pressure. But what I try to make everyone understand is that there’s a reason behind everything we do. High-pressure classes are our way of mimicking an attack situation in reality. I encounter a broad spectrum of individuals between trial sessions and regular training, and what I’ve noticed is that misconceptions about self-defence abound. A lot of people just don’t use common sense when deciding what to train and with whom. What follows is a summary of what I believe people should know about self